Membership Checklist

As you may have picked up, joining the Madison Japanese Karate Club is more than just going to practice! You are joining a family that is excited to get to know you and support you along your martial arts journey and beyond! Aaand, you are also joining a sports club within UW-Madison RecWell, which comes with its own set of paperwork! This checklist (which will be updated as needed) explains all the steps that you need to take to be a full-fledged MJKC member! Joining the Japanese Karate Club on IMLeagues .  Follow the instructions  here  before your first practice with the club. Make sure that you fill out the Membership Consent  and  Supplementary Health Waiver form – this is one step beyond just accepting the “terms and conditions” when joining the club. (If you have trouble loading the link above in your browser, downloading it may help). Membership Fees .   Our club charges membership fees, which cover administrative costs, traveling, event costs, AAKF membership, etc. Fees are $4